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Top 10: love spells

Legally Cast Love Spells to get your ex back

Spells to make him fall in Love with you
Powerful love spells to make your crush like you, recipes for money, prosperity, protection of the home, creation of talismans and amulets, aphrodisiac foods and more.

Love Spells - Free Magic Spells 
Love spells are a very tough topic, and they can be very powerful as well. You must be very careful here, more then anywhere else, that you attempt to cast only ...

Attraction Love Spells
Make someone love you, change friendship to love, jealousy spells, adore me, voodoo desire me spells, ignite the energy of romance.

Spells for Love and Attraction
  The Arcane Journal - Spells to make someone think of you. Cast spells for love, luck, money, protection, healing and more.

Wiccan Love Spells and Enchantments
Win the love of someone. Ironically, before casting a spell, you should be prepared to let the other person go if they so desire. It can be said that love spells are no different from wearing makeup in that ...

Love Spells that Really Work
Bring new love into your life with these love spells that will help you get your ex back. These spells are perfect for long term relationships and one night stands.

Love Spells that work Immediately 
Spells to attract that special someone you love.  Help repair your relationship by having a love spell cast by highly experienced spell casters.

Getting your ex back Voodoo
Love spells to get your ex back, protective magic, meditation seminars and fortune telling. All about rituals for love magic and bringing partners back.

The Power of White Magic Love Spells
The most powerful spells to obtain the love of a specific person. White magic for attraction, friendship, crush and erotic relationships. Fast marriage and inmediate commitments. 

This website provides you with the quintessence of Love Spells. We are an interdisciplinary enchantment service, published by neo pagans and polytheists, that serves as a means to research the theory and history of red magic in a global environment, encouraging an intellectual-inquiry perspective. We welcome international spell casters that are methodologically and historiologically reflective or have a critical perspective regarding love spells, which could open new lines of magical achievement or ways of approaching fresh magical thinking.

Our information on free online love spells may provide for theory and practice of red magic wizardry thanks to third party pagans with similar interests. We publish powerful love spells on a rolling basis and are the first search engine to provide inmediate access to an international team of spell casters, healers and reiki specialists. Allied with the Forum of Wicca for Beginners our aim is to contribute to a global dialogue on different types of witchcraft, spell casting, and psychic abilities.

Academic Articles:

Problematic Implications for Sexual Ethics in Love Magic
Emily et al. Group 2: This poster compares the ethics of love magic in Pagan New Religious Movements and in popular culture. Erotic love spells often take the form of ...

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